Information Regarding Travel Insurance Promotion Singapore

Travel insurance is usually taken at the time of booking of a holiday package to cover any external costs which may occur during the time of travel. A lot of travel agency offers insurance plans as soon as clients book their holiday package, some travel agency includes the cost of insurance in the holiday package. It is advisable to buy travel insurance as a lot of unforeseen incidents may occur during vacations. Travel insurance covers hurdles health issues during the time of holiday such as illness, bacterial disease, and bodily injury or pregnancy complications.

It also covers travel delays due to adverse weather conditions, cancellation of flights, loss of luggage, missing of flight, officially recommended evacuation from the intended destination, being called up by the armed forces if you’re a member, prohibition by the government to travel to the intended destination. Overseas funeral expenses, Hijacking, reimbursement of medication and any other external hurdles which may occur during the time of travel, these all are covered by insurance too.

Travel insurance is mainly taken because there might be a medical emergency during trip and hospitalization is very expensive in the outer country. And in countries such as Singapore and U.S hospitalization and medians are costly and this where travel insurance comes into the picture.

There Are Two Types Of Travel Insurance

  1. Multi-Trip Plan – This kind of insurance plan covers multiple trips or a certain number of trips. If clients choose the premium package, it includes around 15 visits to specified countries. If clients want the classic package, it usually covers anywhere from six to eight trips to specified countries.
  2. Seasonal Plan – Seasonal plan offers insurance over a long period (6 months), this kind of plan is suitable for people who have planned for an extended vacation or for people who want to make cross-continental trips.

There are a lot of travel insurance promotions Singapore, to say there are lots of insurance companies which provide travel insurance on arrival or booking of a holiday trip to Singapore. In Singapore, the cost of living is very expensive, and due to the stability of the government, most of the essential provisions such as food, clothing and shelter is provided by the government. There is a lot of welfare scheme provided by the government such as health insurance, monthly allowance to senior citizen etc. For people who are travelling to Singapore, they won’t be able to use these benefits. The government of Singapore has made it compulsory for people who are not citizens to take out travel insurance guide Singapore. Travel insurance companies in Singapore covers two aspects

  1. Optional coverage insurance plan

Almost two billion dollars are spent by people who travel to Singapore on the optional coverage insurance plan, and this plan is suitable for people who are visiting Singapore for a short period. This type of plan can be customized according to the need of the client and can be purchased at specific costs. Certain common aspects covered under optional insurance coverage.

  1. Pre-existing medical condition

People who are suffering from pre-exciting medical conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma, Bacterial Infection, lactose intolerance, etc. should buy travel insurance because hospitalization is costly in Singapore. Travel insurance which is provided by companies in Singapore covers most of the common health issues listed under the World Health Organization.

  1. Accident during vacation

There are a lot of unforeseen events during travel; people may meet with accidents and medication, and immediate air travel is expensive because of this, people are encouraged to take out travel insurance. In case of an accident, they can be admitted to a nearby hospital, and the travel insurance would cover those charges.

  1. Sports injury

People who travel Singapore go there to explore the nature and the beautiful cultured offered by the country. There are a lot of adventure sports activities such as scuba diving, bungee jumping, sky diving, surfing etc. a lot of injuries occur during these kinds of events and travel insurance covers this kind of damages.

  1. Rental car coverage

People who travel to Singapore usually rent a car and drive around the sub-continent to explore the lush green tropical forests and the white sandy beaches. And people with an international driving license can rent a car and drive around in case of an accident the travel insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle.

  1. Cancellation Of The Trip

The trip might get cancelled due to unforeseen events, where the government may not allow a particular member to travel. During such an event, the travel insurance company may refund the entire booking charge of the trip.

  1. Inconvenience Caused By The Third Party

Flights and hotel rooms may get cancelled due to technical difficulties. Insurance companies in Singapore are very lenient and helpful. They help clients to get new hotel rooms or book flights tickets within hours of the problem caused.

  1. Required Coverage Insurance Plan

Under the required coverage insurance plan, people who stay for more than thirty days are bound to take travel insurance coverage as the Singapore government has made it mandatory.

Singapore is known for its excellent university’s students from all over the world come to study there, and a lot of people travel to Singapore for work-related and business-related issues. The government of Singapore has made it mandatory for students, businessman and entrepreneur to have compulsorily required coverage insurance plan. There are a lot of insurance companies in Singapore which offer insurance according to the client’s need. There are also insurance companies which give insurance for essential documents, artefacts and valuables.

To Sum It Up

There are a lot of insurance companies In Singapore which offer excellent travel insurance packages to its clients. As there is a wide range of policies available to meet the client’s need and they don’t have to worry about anything, and they can enjoy their vacation in bliss.




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