Online group health insurance plan – Benefits

The greatest asset of a thriving business is the resources that it has. Of this, human resources are of prime importance. As employees are crucial for an organisation, it is also mandated that business owners take good care of them. The most suitable way to take care of your workforce is to provide robust and comprehensive group health insurance for employees.

Continue reading to understand why a group medical insurance plan is the right choice for your organisation.

Why is group health insurance vital?

A healthy person is free from many worries and can contribute better to the company’s welfare.

Whether you are a founder of a young startup or are managing a team, some questions may have arisen: is it safe to buy a policy online? Would the insurer deliver on all the promises made?

In today’s modern world, most transactions have shifted to the digital sphere. Let us walk you through the benefits of buying employee group health insurance online.

1) Best-in-class health insurance

Many insurers have tie-ups with excellent healthcare providers to ensure the best service possible.

2) Affordable pricing

Such online group insurance policies generally come with price advantages.

3) No or extremely less waiting period

The correct insurance company will offer you this facility to cover all claims from day one.

4) No room rent or disease limit

Many traditional policies have the detrimental clause of capping for room rent and disease-wise claim reimbursement. A great insurance plan can allow you peace of mind by taking care of these worries.

5) Maternity and newborn covered

This option is offered for online employee health insurance plans.

6) Pre-existing diseases covered

A significant drawback of traditional insurance plans is the limited coverage of pre-existing diseases. Luckily, online corporate health plans can take care of this feature to your advantage.

7) Secured payment gateway

A reliable gateway ensures that your financial transactions are safe and provides periodic reminders for renewals.

As we can see, buying a group insurance scheme online is pretty safe and advantageous. Next, let us look at some exclusive benefits which come with such plans.

1) No negotiations with brokers or agents

The best part of buying group health insurance online is that there is no hassle with an intermediary agent or broker. It is seen that ill-informed agents often tend to misrepresent facts, leading to a severe traumatic experience later on.

2) Get pricing directly from the insurer

Online purchase enables you to communicate with the insurer directly. Quotes are given directly by the company, so you can be assured that there is no manipulation in between. Plus, customer support answers all your doubts and queries.

3) Customisation of plans is possible

The most significant advantage of buying a group policy online is that you can customise it as per your needs. Depending upon your team’s size and various other demographics, you can choose the plans best suited for your need.

4) Easy claim process

The claim process flowchart is generally very simple, and you can get all details online with sequential ease. A guided experience ensures that the claim process is seamless and quick.

5) Live 24/7 support

A salient feature of online insurance companies is that they provide efficient and all-encompassing support for all queries.

Plum is one of the leading players in the insurance sector. It provides comprehensive group plans with a seamless digital experience. Plum is renowned for offering various benefits, as enunciated below:

1) Plum Wellness

These are personalised plans which you can select as per your team’s needs. Considerable care has been taken to ensure that the specific requirements of Gen Y & Z, gig workers, freelancers, young startups, and other such teams are well-incorporated in the plans.

2) Doctor consultation

Plans from Plum Insurance provide unlimited virtual or physical consultations with doctors.

3) Health check-ups

Periodic health check-ups are factored in, and the facility of doing these at home is provided, too.

4) Dental care

Organisations can also select dental care for their employees. These plans cover bi-annual dental cleaning, scaling, and polishing. They also come with unlimited dental consultations.

5) Super top-up facility

This facility gives extra comfort and provides for medical contingencies.

6) Mental wellness

Plum realises that an individual’s well-being is not restricted to only the physical aspect. Mental wellness is also of equal importance. Hence, Plum provides personal therapists as needed and other mental well-being tools.

7) Easy activation

You can activate Plum’s plans on the go with just the click of a button.

8) Add/remove employees

Plum Insurance understands that new members keep adding to the team, and some leave. Hence, adding or removing employees is a built-in feature for optimum plan management.

9) Tracking claims

Tracking claims is possible in real-time with accurate information.

Final takeaways

So, we can see that Plum Insurance provides group health insurance for employees with no surprises, no hidden costs, and no out-of-pocket expenses. It offers an excellent option for any business to effectively take care of its workforce’s health.

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