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There are so many great people who have left their foot prints in the sands of time. Greatness here has never really been about being good or bad. It is about certain decisions and moments in time that shaped our past. And history would always refer to those moments and the people that changed the world forever. But do you ever imagine what it would be like to walk in their shoes? Choose the biography movies genre and discover what it means to be faced with the same tough choices they had to make and perhaps learn about heroes who weren’t imbued with super strengths but were just regular everyday people who believed in something far greater than themselves. We have put together a collection of series and movies that delve deeply into the background and lives of the world’s unlikeliest heroes.

Renowned director, Steven Spielberg brings the holocaust to life in this gripping historical film, Schindler’s list. This movie stars Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Caroline Goodall and is said to be one of the greatest movies ever made. Another biopic on the Holocaust is critically acclaimed movie, the Pianist starring Adrien Brody as the Pianist. Visit the era of the cold war and watch Tom Hanks star as James B. Donovan, a principled lawyer and skilled negotiator in this biopic, the bridge of spies. Follow the life of American Nobel Laureate John Nash in his biopic, the beautiful mind. Step out of the world of spies and deadly wars and ascend the throne with Jenna Coleman who plays Queen Victoria in the British series, Victoria.

Hollywood great, Will Smith is Chris Gardner in The pursuit of happiness, a biography on an African American entrepreneur who juggled homelessness, parenthood and a flagging business for a year before he went on to become a millionaire. Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith makes his debut, so fans may want to really watch this one to see where it all began. Hip hop lovers would love Crazy, Sexy, Cool; the TLC story. A biopic that takes us through the lives of three girls and their journey to becoming one of the most popular girl group of their time. For those who are fans of crime mystery, what murder case and trial puzzled the world more than the trial of OJ Simpson? Get an inside look into the entire saga with the people vs OJ Simpson. Get everything for free to watch at, Free HD Biography Movies Online | Watch Full Biography Movies for Free‎‎.

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